Just a quick one today, we’ve had many of our customers ask us about form-fitting clothing, and what exactly does it mean. So today were going to look at the actual meaning of ‘form-fitting’.

The term ‘form-fitting’ is used to describe items of clothing which fits the body tightly, for example, leggings, tank tops and skinny jeans. The main object of form-fitting clothing is to outline the shape of the body.

In general, form-fitting refers to women’s clothing (dresses and tops), however, in more recent years, certain fitted items are worn also by men such as socks, tee’s and vests.

There are hundreds of clothing brands which specialize in form-fitting clothing. To give one example, American Apparel’s clothing range is mostly form-fitting. So if you’re the type that loves your shape, or even just find form-fitting clothing more comfortable, then American Apparel is a good place to start!

Here at The Fact Shop, most of our t-shirts and vests are form-fitting, if you prefer a more looser fit, we recommend ordering a size larger – but if you’re not sure, get in touch, we can help you choose the right size!