Humans have been wearing clothes for over 25,000 years, and it’s no surprise to hear that the history of fashion and clothing is a long one!

Here, we pick out the best & most interesting facts from this long history, as well as more modern-day fashion.Here at The Fact Shop, we aim to teach you the weird, wonderful and crazy facts about fashion, clothing and the history of popular brands & clothing stores.

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7 Loved And Forgotten Fashion Trends

Fashion changes season by season, year on year, and even over the decades. Some become classics and are here to stay, while others are a sudden craze and then forgotten. Here are just seven previously loved but now forgotten fashion trends from years gone by.

8 Marvellous Facts About Moschino

Moschino is a high-end luxury Italian fashion brand that was founded by Franco Moschino in 1983. The Headquarters are in Milan and the creative director is Jeremy Scott. The brand we love almost never happened. To find out why, be sure to check out these 8 marvelous Moschino facts.

8 Cool Facts About Kenzo

The luxury fashion brand Keno was founded by the late Japanese fashion designer Kenzo Takada in 1970 in Paris, France. Known for their bold, eclectic designs, Kenzo plays a vital role in the fashion world. Here are eight cool Kenzo facts that you might not know.

30 Inspiring Facts About Patagonia

A brand that has changed how shoppers and clothing companies view their environmental impact, Patagonia has become a company that has expanded beyond its original intention of outdoor clothing and equipment. Here are 30 facts about Patagonia.

What Is Organic Cotton?

Cotton is no doubt one of the top-selling fabrics when it comes to t-shirts and clothing in general! But did you know there's a dark side to cotton? Read all about why you should look for organic cotton when it comes to shopping and how it can help the environment and your fellow man!

Why Are Women’s Pockets So Small?

A small fashion frustration of modern women is the small size of pockets - they usually can't even fit their phones in their pockets! So how did it come to be that women's pockets are so small? The history of it goes back further than you may think!

National Sunglasses Day | June 27

June 27 is officially National Sunglasses Day. It's the perfect day for taking a few selfies and hash-tagging for a like or two, but, it’s not all about style. National Sunglasses Day is also about spreading awareness on a very important issue…

International T-shirt Day | June 21

June 21st marks the celebration of International T-shirt day! This yearly celebration of T-shirts started back in 2008. Find out more about this special day & learn more about the history of t-shirts!

The Versatile History of the Motorcycle Jacket

A common outerwear choice of the modern day, the motorcycle jacket has found its way from utility to rock ’n’ roll uniform to an everyday versatile staple. Even for those of us who don't ride motorcycles, they can still be used as a serious fashion statement!

What Are The Most Sustainable Fabrics For Fashion?

Sustainability has become an issue that is increasingly discussed in day to day life, and no longer just in the form of plastic straws. Many consumers are now more aware how every item they purchase is created with no exclusion to how clothing is made.

30 Gnarly Facts About Hurley )(

Hurley is one of the top surfer fashion brands around. With a foundation and base in Southern California, it's the perfect location for this surfer brand to dominate the fashion world among beach bums and hardcore surfers alike. Check out the history of this impressive company!

How Does Dry Cleaning Actually Work?

Going to the dry cleaners is just one of those things that some of us have to put on our weekly to-do list. But do you know what actually happens to you clothes when they get taken behind the counter? Here we'll explain the process of dry cleaning!