Fashion Facts

Humans have been wearing clothes for over 25,000 years, and it’s no surprise to hear that the history of fashion and clothing is a long one! Here, we pick out the best & most interesting facts from this long history, as well as more modern-day fashion.

Here at The Fact Shop, we aim to teach you the weird, wonderful and crazy facts about fashion, clothing and the history of popular brands & clothing stores. Check back regularly to learn something new!

The Versatile History of the Motorcycle Jacket

A common outerwear choice of the modern day, the motorcycle jacket has found its way from utility to rock ’n’ roll uniform to an everyday versatile staple. Even for those of us who don't ride motorcycles, they can still be used as a serious fashion statement!

What Are The Most Sustainable Fabrics For Fashion?

Sustainability has become an issue that is increasingly discussed in day to day life, and no longer just in the form of plastic straws. Many consumers are now more aware how every item they purchase is created with no exclusion to how clothing is made.

30 Gnarly Facts About Hurley )(

Hurley is one of the top surfer fashion brands around. With a foundation and base in Southern California, it's the perfect location for this surfer brand to dominate the fashion world among beach bums and hardcore surfers alike. Check out the history of this impressive company!

How Does Dry Cleaning Actually Work?

Going to the dry cleaners is just one of those things that some of us have to put on our weekly to-do list. But do you know what actually happens to you clothes when they get taken behind the counter? Here we'll explain the process of dry cleaning!

25 Priceless Facts About Primark

For many in the United Kingdom, Primark is their go-to retailer for a vast array of fashionable, yet affordable clothes. So before you go spending all of last weeks paycheck at this discount store, check out these top 25 facts about Primark.

The Surprising Origin of High Heels

Women all around the world wear high heels, either for special occasions, or just for a night out. But there's a surprising history to heels - like the fact that they were originally meant for men! Find out how heels became a staple in women's wardrobes with this history of heels!

100 Fascinating Facts About Fashion & Clothing

Fashion styles have come and gone, and many of them return into our clothing stores after a few years. Some people can't be bothered to keep up with trends, while others can’t get enough of the latest styles. Love it or hate it, you’ll enjoy these interesting fashion facts.

25 Incredible Facts About Lacoste

Even if you don't own any Lacoste items, there's a very high chance that you've seen the famous green crocodile which is featured on all their items. Here are 25 quick facts about Lacoste that every fashion addict or sports lover should know!

The Fascinating History of River Island

Almost every large shopping center in the U.K. has a River Island store. With its stylish and fashionable clothing and accessories, it's no wonder that this company has become as popular as it is today. Find out the impressive history of this sought after brand!

The Surprising History of the Tank Top

One of the most popular items in many people's wardrobes is the tank top. It can be dressed up with a jacket and smart jeans, or dressed down with pajamas and worn to bed. But when did we first see tank tops making their way into modern society?

“Shoes In Numbers” Infographic

We all have a favorite pair shoes and who knew that something as innocuous as shoes could have so many facts?! Well we thought it would be nice to share all the facts you need to know about in relation to shoes on an infographic!