A Crocodile Can’t Stick its Tongue Out Unisex Tank Top

A Crocodile Can’t Stick its Tongue Out Unisex Tank Top


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Ever seen a crocodile eat an ice-cream? Doubtful. It’s also just as unlikely that you’ve seen a croc lick a lolly, or even touch their elbows with their tongues… not because they don’t have elbows, but because they cannot stick their tongues out!

A crocodile’s tongue is attached to the roof of their mouth, which doesn’t allow them to move their tongue. So eating ice-cream would be impossible! Alligators on the other hand, can stick their tongues out. (So that’s what the difference is!)

The unisex crocodile tank top is a part of our #FACT range, where facts & fashion combine to bring you this unhappy looking croc!

This tank top is made from 100% fine jersey cotton making it not only smooth and comfortable to wear, but it also means it’s durable with a vintage feel. All our tank tops have reinforced, smooth arm and head holes. These tank tops are premium quality and made to last, whilst keeping its color and size after many washes.

Our tank tops are soft to the touch and printed sweatshop free. All our designs are 100% unique and sold exclusively through The Fact Shop – you won’t find this design anywhere else!

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Scoop Neck
  • Fine Jersey Cotton
  • Banded Arm & Head Holes
  • High Quality
  • Direct-to-garment Printing

This tank top is perfect for summertime; you could be wearing this, walking on the beach with an ice-cream, doing something that the crocodile never can!

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Scoop Neck


100% Fine Jersey Cotton


Slim Fit

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