About Us

Welcome to The Fact Shop!

So if you’ve not heard of us before, we’re also the guys that run The Fact Site, we have been sharing our facts for over ten years and during this time, we’ve had so many of our wonderful fans tell us we should sell merchandise & we simply couldn’t ignore that!

The fact that you guys want to buy our facts in some form of merchandise is truly amazing, and well, we do like to please!

The Fact Shop started in early 2016 and we aim to educate the world, not only online, but in real life too.

Since launching, we’ve had an amazing response and even had people telling us their facts so that we can design something which we know our supporters would love.

We are constantly expanding our range of products, with new designs being created exclusively for The Fact Shop, so you really won’t get these products anywhere else – we mean that!

Why should you buy from us? Well, we’ve thought of that already! Please see our Why buy from us page to see the top six reasons you should buy from The Fact Shop!

If you have any questions or requests, or just want to tell us your facts, please get in touch with us over on our contact page.

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