Dolphins Sleep With One Eye Open Mens T-Shirt

Dolphins Sleep With One Eye Open Mens T-Shirt


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Everybody knows that dolphins are pretty remarkable animals, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise to find out they always sleep with one eye open. Interesting, right? Well this dolphin #FACT t-shirt not only educates the world on dolphins, it’s also pretty adorable!

This amusing men’s t-shirt is a part of our #FACT range, where facts & fashion combine to bring you this remarkable dolphin fact t-shirt!

So when it is time for a dolphin to rest, they will shut down one half of their brain and close the opposite eye. This is something called uni-hemispheric slow-wave sleep (try spelling that without looking!) and also helps dolphins keep an eye out for hungry sharks, maintain their body heat and stay well-rested!

This interesting dolphin design is printed on a high quality, men’s cotton t-shirt and is one of the most comfortable tees you could ever wear. Soft to the touch and comfy to wear, even after many washes. This crew-neck, short sleeve t-shirt is premium quality, which allows it to stand up to a washing machine, keeping its size and color.

The dolphin #FACT t-shirt is available in various sizes and colors – perfect for summer & dudes who love dolphins!

This style closely fits against your body. If you prefer a looser, more relaxed fit, we recommend choosing the next size up. Please see the size charts for more information.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Crew Neck
  • Form-Fitting
  • 100% Cotton
  • High Quality
  • Direct-to-garment Printing

If you love dolphins, or have that crazy friend who literally dreams about them and tells you their bizarre dolphin dreams, this t-shirt is the perfect solution!

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Crew Neck


100% Cotton


Slim Fit



Sleeve Type

Short Sleeve

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