Men’s Fashion Tips for a Job Interview

Going to an interview can be stressful to prepare for. It helps to look your best, but some of us may not be very fashion forward! Dressing the part is important to making a good first impression. Here some few tips on how to impress your potential future employer!

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25 Incredible Facts About Lacoste

Even if you don't own any Lacoste items, there's a very high chance that you've seen the famous green crocodile which is featured on all their items. Here are 25 quick facts about Lacoste that every fashion addict or sports lover should know!

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The Fascinating History of River Island

Almost every large shopping center in the U.K. has a River Island store. With its stylish and fashionable clothing and accessories, it's no wonder that this company has become as popular as it is today. Find out the impressive history of this sought after brand!

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The Surprising History of the Tank Top

One of the most popular items in many people's wardrobes is the tank top. It can be dressed up with a jacket and smart jeans, or dressed down with pajamas and worn to bed. But when did we first see tank tops making their way into modern society?

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‘Shoes In Numbers’ Infographic

We all have a favorite pair shoes and who knew that something as innocuous as shoes could have so many facts?! Well we thought it would be nice to share all the facts you need to know about in relation to shoes on an infographic!

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How Often Should You Wash Your Clothes?

If you are wondering how often you should be washing your clothes, the simple answer, is that it depends on what item of clothing it is. Here's our quick guide for how often you should be washing the different items in your wardrobe!

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30 Juicy Facts About Gucci

When we think of high-end brands, Gucci is often one of the first which comes to mind. While not everybody can afford to buy Gucci items, some people consider the brand as a staple in their wardrobe. Here are 30 interesting facts you might not know about this popular brand!

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Why You Need Merino Wool Socks

If you're looking for socks that will keep you warm and comfortable while also providing a great fit, it might be time to invest in some merino wool socks. This type of wool comes from the Merino sheep. Find out why their soft wool is in demand around the world!

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30 Surprising Facts About Vans

Considering the company started out very small and had lots of competition, lack of support, and barely enough resources to operate, Vans has proven itself a vanguard of independent entrepreneurship that fairy tales are made of. Here are 30 surprising facts about Vans!

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