Choosing The Best Compression Socks

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Did you know that wearing compression socks help deliver oxygen in your blood to your feet and reduces injuries?

Running can be hard enough for some of us, so why not get extra help?

Wearing compression socks for running can be a great help! Although socks seem like an odd solution, there are a lot of facts and science as to how they can help.

Recovery from running can be challenging enough, and compression socks will help with post-running issues.

Aside from just running, they have therapeutic properties for those with varicose veins.

Compression socks will help with the delivery of oxygen in your blood to your feet, as well as prevent cramping.

If you’re like me and get tired quickly, these socks will help! So now we know that they help us, how do we choose which ones to buy?

The options can be overwhelming, but this will help! This handy infographic will help you determine how to measure your legs to find the right fit.

Choosing The Best Compression Socks For Runners

Choosing The Best Compression Socks For Runners Infographic

Which of these compression socks facts surprised you the most? It’s fascinating how much help a different sock can make in our running and daily life!

You may also need to do further research on other brands to find a sock that’s right for you, but at least we’ve given you a good point of reference on where to start your search!

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