Why You Need Merino Wool Socks

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The breathable qualities of merino wool allow them to absorb a rather large amount of moisture.

If you’re looking for socks that will keep you warm and comfortable while also providing a great fit, it might be time to invest in some merino wool socks.

This particular type of wool comes from the Merino sheep – a breed of animal which originated in Spain.

In the modern day, the Merino sheep mainly resides in New Zealand and Australia, and their soft wool is highly in demand around the world.

What are the benefits of merino wool?

Merino Wool

The fibers found in merino wool are extremely fine compared to other types of wool, which means they are more easily bended and molded into the shape you want them.

When you’re wearing merino wool socks, you’ll notice that they have lots of flexibility to enable you to find the perfect fit for your feet.

Fine fibers also make the wool incredibly soft, so you can revel in the luxurious soft feeling of beautiful socks to keep your feet warm.

The soft feeling also makes merino wool ideal for those who suffer from having sensitive skin.

Merino wool reacts to changes in your body’s temperature.

If your feet are getting a little too hot, the wool is able to release some of the heat, thus cooling you down without having to take the socks off completely.

The breathable qualities of merino wool allow them to absorb a rather large amount of moisture.

Even if your body is getting a bit hotter than usual, your skin will still be able to breathe and you won’t feel clammy and restricted.

Merino wool almost seems magic since it waits until you’ve heated up a bit and then stores the excess for when it’s needed.

You’ll get the extra warmth you need when your body requires it, rather than being too cold later on.

They’re lighter than other wool.

For people who aren’t massive fans of wool, they will be happy to hear merino wool is much lighter than other wool.

Not only does this create a much more comfortable experience while wearing merino wool socks, but it’s lighter on your feet and is easier to wear with shoes.

One of the problems many people have with wool and thick materials is that they can easily cause the body to sweat.

The feet in particular are prone to giving off bad odors when they sweat, but merino wool allows the sweat to sit on the surface rather than soaking into the material and creating an unpleasant smell.

They stay cleaner for longer…

Merino wool is not a very static material, so while you might be used to your clothes (particularly woolen items) collecting dust and other dirt as you walk around.

This type of wool won’t pick up particles as easily.

You’ll also find that your merino wool socks are very difficult to stain, simply because the material is stain-resistant.

Stains are not absorbed into the socks easily because of the protective layer which coats the wool.

This layer is completely natural and is just one of the main reasons why merino wool is so sought-after.

You can put your merino wool socks in the washing machine along with the rest of your clothes.

For many people, especially those with a busy schedule, having to hand-wash items of clothing can be a real bother, but the convenience of this wool is just another added benefit.

Merino wool is used not only for socks, but for many other items of clothing too.

While it is most popular in the making of thermal underwear, it can also be found in active wear and winter clothing.

With so many amazing benefits, you should definitely have a pair of merino wool socks in your drawer!

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