Men’s Fashion Tips for a Job Interview

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A solid-colored suit is the safest option for a job interview. Some employers are put off by pin-striped, or colorful outfits.

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, tense, and scary.

Luckily, there are several things you can do in order to make it easier for yourself.

Apart from researching the company and making sure you have some good things to say about your previous jobs and experiences, you can tweak your style in order to feel more comfortable and confident.

A good sense of style doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so if you’re worrying about what to wear for your next interview, check out these great tips.

Choosing a suit.

Interview Suit

A classy suit is a standard wardrobe item for most men, but if you don’t already have one, it’s time to go shopping.

A simple solid-colored suit is the safest option, since some employers can be put off by pin-striped outfits or brighter colors.

Make sure that your suit fits correctly, as pants which are too long or a collar that’s too tight will make it look as though you haven’t put any effort into getting dressed.

Try on your suit a few days before your job interview.

By doing this, you’ll give yourself time to go and buy a new one if something isn’t right.

Perhaps you’ve gained/lost weight since you last wore the suit, or there could be small tears or stains which you hadn’t noticed previously.

When it comes to the number of buttons on your jacket, two or three will be fine, although you should opt for two if you’re going for an ultra-classy look.

Don’t forget to wear a tie too, as a suit without a tie looks totally incomplete.

Be color-wise.

Navy Blue Interview Suit

Navy and grey are arguably the best colors to wear, although you could pull off a black suit too depending on the level of the job (lower level job applicants can get away with black easier).

A white shirt is a safe option, although you can also choose a shirt the same color as your suit but several shades lighter.

For example, if you wear a navy suit, a pastel blue shirt will match.

Your tie shouldn’t be a bright or striking color, but it should match your suit color.

Stripes and dots are good choices for a job interview tie, but the pattern should be subtle and not bold.

Socks should be the same color as your pants or shoes (or both).

Your socks shouldn’t stand out and attract attention, even if you’ve just been out and bought them especially for the occasion!

Personal grooming.

Men's Grooming is important for an interview

Wash your hair and style it appropriately.

Choose a simple style rather than something which is on trend at the moment.

Don’t over-use hair products and gel, since your hair could end up looking wet and/or greasy.

Wake up on the morning of your job interview with enough time to shave if necessary, and get yourself ready for the day.

If you don’t give yourself enough time, you run the risk of looking rushed and unprepared.

You should ideally arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your interview, so don’t leave the house at the last minute!

Your teeth are very important, especially since you should flash a gleaming smile at your interviewer(s) upon arrival.

Brush your teeth before leaving, and carry some gum with you if you’re worried about bad breath.

Be careful with accessories…

Mens Bag for Interview

In general, it isn’t considered appropriate for men to wear jewelry to a job interview.

A wedding ring is perfectly acceptable, but necklaces and other rings should be avoided.

Wear a watch if you feel comfortable doing so, but it’s better to go without if it’s old or cheap.

You should come prepared to your interview, so you will likely need a briefcase or bag to contain your documents.

Do not carry your items in a plastic bag or cloth tote bag, as this looks highly unprofessional.

Bring a briefcase or even a laptop bag, but ensure that the color is subtle and stylish.

Don’t bring the bag your brother picked up at a rock concert last summer, and avoid anything with obvious signs of wear and tear.

Shoes are important!

Men's Shoes for an Interview

One of the first things a lot of people notice on a man are the shoes on his feet, so be ready to make an impression when you walk into the interview room.

Don’t wear sneakers, pumps or boots.

If you don’t already own a pair of stylish formal shoes, you’ll need a pair that matches the suit you plan on wearing.

Black shoes are fine, even if the suit you’re wearing is blue, grey or any other color.

Tan shoes often work well with navy suits, and suede or leather are good materials to look out for.

On the whole, confidence and personality are the main things to aim for when having a job interview.

A good outfit can help you with both those things, so think ahead and prepare for your important day.

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