The World’s Biggest Slipper

Luke Ward
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Tom Boddingham, a 27 year old man from Essex, England, became the owner of the world's biggest slipper in October 2011.

Tom Boddingham, a 27-year-old man from Essex, England, became the owner of the world’s biggest slipper in October 2011.

After ordering a pair of gorilla-style slippers online; Mr. Boddingham had a bit of shock when his slippers actually arrived!

Tom requested a size 13 for his right foot, and a size 14.5 for his left – I can see why he doesn’t buy his footwear in actual stores!

However, it turns out that he accidentally forgot to add the decimal point.

And due to a miss translation error, a zero was added to the end.

Manufacturers in China misread the measurement and accidentally made an incredible seven-foot-long slipper, which was shipped to him along with the correct smaller size.

The factory that produces these slippers thought it was a little weird making a size 1450 slipper, but assumed that it must be for a window display.

Above is an image of Tom sitting inside his slipper, the size of a small car.

He paid only £15.50 for the pair, and managed to get the correct size sent to him free of charge!

When asked what he would do with the world’s biggest slipper, he replied saying he’d probably sell it on eBay.

Although personally, I’d keep it for myself!

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